Riding the Dream of Blinnenhorn

Experience an unforgettable freeride tour in Valais that takes you from the summit of the Blinnenhorn over spectacular trails all the way to Goms. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the four-thousand-metre peaks, the cosy atmosphere in the hut and the culinary delights of the region. This tour is suitable for experienced freeriders who are looking for a sporting challenge and love nature.

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In 2021, I set off with a friend on an exciting bike tour from the Nufenen Pass to Riale. During this trip, I was enchanted by the majestic appearance of the Blinnenhorn. Soon afterwards, after a closer look at the maps, I realized: this summit was also accessible by mountain bike! The dream of climbing the summit took shape. In August 2023, I finally found a friend who agreed to join me on this adventure, and my long-held wish became a reality.

The Blinnenhorn is especially popular as a ski tour. Until recently, it was considered a high alpine tour in summer, but the melting of the glaciers and firn areas has meant that the summit can be reached from the Italian side without touching the glacier. Accordingly, the Blinnenhorn has become very popular also in summer.


The Blinnenhorn tour could be completed in one day. But we decided to enjoy the beauty of the landscape to the full. There are several huts around Lago del Sabbione, so we decided to spend the night in the cozy Rifugio Claudio e Bruno at the foot of the summit. Here we were able to fortify ourselves, enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding glaciers and peaks and prepare for the adventure ahead.


From the Nufenen Pass, the tour begins with a real trail sensation. The larger rucksack with 2 liters of drinking water, camera equipment and extras for a two-day tour makes it clear that the decision to take more time was absolutely right. You don't want to rush with the extra weight, and in high alpine terrain it is essential to be prepared for unforeseen situations.

Nevertheless, riding with the Evoc Explorer felt good and the confidence to continue this tour was confirmed. It's reassuring to know that with the right equipment and preparation, you can face the challenges of the great outdoors. Let's go, the breathtaking scenery and adventure await!

The continuation of the tour along the disused road, which was once used for power station projects, Gries lake and the highest wind farm in Europe, promises to be an exciting adventure. The road is currently closed due to the threat of falling rocks - a good reason to make rapid progress! But at the end of this road, a truly beautiful trail opens up, leading past one of the majestic wind turbines to the Gries Pass. The views of the surrounding landscape and the fresh mountain air make this section an unforgettable experience in itself.
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From the Gries Pass, a technically demanding descent opens up into the Valle del Gries. We experienced a perfect mix of flowing passages and challenging technical sections. The view over the Rio del Gries gives this section a magical atmosphere.
20230819133018_IMG_5343 20230819133434_IMG_5346 20230819134027_IMG_5353 20230819134502_IMG_5356

20230819165933_IMG_5373 Now it's time to get down to business. The bikes are on our shoulders as we make our way to the Rifugio CittĂ  di Busto. After a short rest and a ride across a plain, we put the bikes back on our shoulders and continue on our way to Rifugio Claudio e Bruno.

A larger rucksack proves to be an advantage when carrying the bikes. The bikes rest on it and the load is evenly distributed over the shoulder straps. The challenge and ambition drive us on - we are ready for the next chapter of this unforgettable adventure!




After breakfast at the Rifugio Claudio e Bruno, the tour continued exactly where it had ended the day before: with the bike on our shoulders. The increasing altitude and the breathtaking views along the ascent invited us to take breaks. The path was steep and slippery, but the effort was worth it. The anticipation of what was to come drove us on - an unforgettable adventure in the heart of the mountains!

20230820082835_IMG_5388 20230820092116_IMG_5398 20230820102139_IMG_5418 20230820094159_IMG_5408

20230820112028_IMG_5437 After 2.5 hours, we finally reached the summit. The view was breathtaking - a panorama that flooded the senses. From the majestic Mont Blanc to the rugged Weisshorn and the proud Dom, the Alpine chains stretched out before us. The Bernese Alps, like gentle giants, joined the backdrop.

The air was clear and fresh, and the wind carried the scent of freedom and adventure. Our hearts beat in time with nature, and the exhaustion of the ascent was forgotten. We were standing on the roof of the world - a tiny moment in the infinity of time.

The descent from the summit was a dance with gravity. The wheels of our bikes rolled over the rocky ground and the turns demanded our full concentration. We felt alive, at one with nature as we rode down the trails. Some passages invited us to go freeriding - a playground with the terrain, a smile on our lips.

And so we were left with only one promise: We would be back. Because the mountain had enchanted us, and we still had many peaks to climb.

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